Integra Boost – Humidity Regulator (All Sizes)



Integra Boost humidity Regulators are designed to maintain a suitable environment in a sealed canister. Controlling the humidity keeps whatever stored in there at its optimal moisture/strength and flavour. Each unit is made with a Salt Free Solution and are tear and spill resistant and comes with its own replacement indicator so there is no doubt you are looking after your storage to its max potential. They come in a range of sizes listed below.

Integra Boost 55% RH 4GM Humidity Regulator : Preserves up to 12gm of Flower

Integra Boost 62% RH 4GM Humidity Regulator : Preserves up to 12gm of Flower

Weight 0.003 kg
Dimensions 100 × 55 × 3 cm

55%RH @ 4gm, 62%RH 4gm


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