Phoenician 4-Part Grinder – Small


Phoenician are famous for their Fibonacci inspired spiral pattern. This allows ground material to sift from the inside out and outside in. The patented diametrically cut grinding teeth increase strength, provide a smoother cut, and reduce friction.

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  • The locking notch system eliminates all threading you see on other grinders! All components of the grinder incorporate this notch design, allowing the user a quick and convenient use of the grinder sections. This eliminates the possibility of the sections becoming stuck, resulting in ease of use.
  • Phoenician grinders incorporate a screen that can be changed by removing one simple screw. All Phoenician grinders use screens made from 304 Stainless Steel with a mesh rating of 50 and are nearly 0.020” thick with a wire diameter of nearly 0.010”. The screens rest in its natural state and support it from underneath with a unique Fibonacci spiral inspired floor design. Eliminating the common issue of screens tearing and stretching over time.
  • The bottom section of the grinder houses the finely filtered pollen from the screen section. This uniquely designed, bowl-like shape, allows the pollen to be removed with ease.
  • Everything from the material, the magnets, the screen, the screen screw, the pick, plating, and laser engraving are all made and sourced in the USA ensuring quality, traceability, and accountability. 
Weight 0.122 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 55 cm


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