The Neutralizer Pro Kit – Professional Odor Eliminator Kit


The Neutralizer Pro Kit is the #1 in odour elimination system made for use in your Home or Growing environments. The Neutralizer is a revolutionary product that provides a simple solution to problematic and pungent odours.

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The Pro Kit is able to neutralize a space of 375m3 or 13,000ft3*. The oil will last 6 weeks with 24 hour use. It only requires 1 hour for the room to be fully neutralized and smell free.

  • Oils are a very active ingredient. Whilst natural they can be corrosive to certain material types. If any leakage occurs wipe clean immediately to avoid any damage to furniture etc.
  • The Pro Kit, needs 1 hour activation time. This means that we take 1 hour to fill up the space we are working in. We strongly advise to have an active air movement within the area. Slightly open window or a small fan to help move the particles around.
  • Do not position in a confined space as this will minimise efficiency. If in a living room for instance, it is not ideal to put it in a corner where you have the sofa and other bits in very close proximity. This will not allow molecular expansion where needed. Best used at room temperature.
  • Positioning is key. Results can vary with 1 ft of movement of the unit. It all depends a little on air circulation in the room.

What’s included:

  • 1 x EME-120
  • 1 x PRO KIT CARTRIDGE (TNRC-100 100 ml/3.38 US oz)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Wall Fittings
Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 200 × 90 × 110 cm


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